Our products which are on sale or in use:

The AR-4c Datalogger

The newest version within the AR-type datalogger's products. Besides preserving AR-3c all functionality, the AR-4c datalogger has been up-graded by new useful features and functions.

The AR-3c Datalogger

Modern, universal recording system, works in LAN and Internet networks, integrates many industrial protocols. Richly equipped with external devices. Fully compatible with its predecessors - AR-2c i AR-1c.

Digital sound recorder

AR-3c Datalogger helper. Its taks is to register shaft-telephone conversations or other sound communications systems. It can work as alone network device.more---> AR3c-audio

Tha AR-2c+ Datalogger

The Ar-2c Datalogger successor.more---> AR-2c

The AR-2c Datalogger

Popular datalogger equipped in 4MB disc. Graph are printed on lokal printer or send to central data aquisition.more---> AR-2c

The AR-1c Datalogger

Simple datalogger. Registered datas are available as a continous print on paper tape. Succesor of the popular"Karlik"more---> AR-2c

LOGGER program

more---> Logger

ar3cmonitor - visualization application

more---> ar3cmonitor
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