Quality Policy

The main target of the activity of the MicroSTER company is manufacturing of devices and providing services of the highest quality necessary for gaining complete trust of the Client and the reputation of a reliable partner. We wish that devices we manufacture ensure constant supervision over safety and be reliable, friendly and comfortable in use and configurable for clients' specific demands. Thanks to reliability, elasticity and openness for all new, even untypical Clients' needs we can strengthen our position on the market of the supervision and control devices for mining industry and become the company that is more and more reliable and predictable for both potential and foreign Clients. Gaining new Clients and export development is one of the strategic objects of the company. Maintaining constant readiness for maintenance service, technical aid and author's supervision over manufactured devices is treated as priority action which target is to strengthen trust of our Clients and partners. The most important object of the Owners and employees is the Clients' satisfaction from the quality of provided services. The above goals will be realized through:

  • constant improving of the Quality Management System
  • assuring the high quality level of the manufactured goods and provided services
  • constant monitoring of the market and quick reaction for Clients' needs and suggestions
  • maintenance and aspiration for strengthening the company's position on the market
  • punctual, efficient and reliable realization of the services
  • motivating the employees to identify themselves with the company through creating friendly work environment

The owners of the MicroSTER company assure that the quality policy is understandable by all employees, introduced and currently realized.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
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