About us

Z.E.U.S. MicroSTER is a private company providing all kinds of electronic services. Our major is industrial electronic and automation. We have been acting as a self-reliant company since 1990. During the past years we specialized in designing and production of control systems' devices, measurement and data's logging systems and small controllers which are dedicated to our customers' needs.

Since 1993 our main activity is designing and producing digital logging devices (AR) working like 'black boxes' in shafts supporting maintain of mine hoist. For past 10 years we were consolidating our position on Polish market and nowadays we can be proud of being the leader on the market. In 2008 we started production of the our most modern product - AR-4c Dataloggers, which were firstly destined for the foreign market.

Our targets

Our main target is to gain the trust from our customers and partners and also develop an opinion of a solid and trustworthy partner. We aim at this by designing and producing our appliances to be reliable and maximally high quality. Services provided by us are always accurate and professional. Those efforts leaded to gain of international certificate confirming our compatibility with Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2000.

We want our products to be reliable, functional and matched to ours customers' needs. To achieve this goal we put a great effort on supporting permanent and good relationships with our customers and providers.

We try to organize our work in very efficient way. We want our work to be a source of upkeep for every member of our team, to be developing of our skills and that it's effects were a source of job satisfaction.

Openness at customer

To ensure our position on a mining industry market of control devices and to become a trustworthy partner for potentials customers, including foreign markets, we are reliable, flexible and open to all, also non-typical, needs of our customers. Our strategic target for the nearest years is to gain new customers and export's development. To aim this targets we still improve the Quality Management System, introduce and use new technologies and a software, invest in equipment and improvement of our qualifications. All the time we work on improvement of our products.

Our team

Our crew counts of several people. This is the team with great experience, committedness to work and very good in co-operation. Almost all of workers has a university degree. We improve our skills by attendance in courses and schoolings - many of them is founded by EU, and in postgraduate studies. We create an atmosphere of partnership which motivates our workers to identify themselves with the company. Almost all the time in our works participate several students from Silesian University of Technology or other universities. Their creativity in combination with experience of older staff creates perfect mixture. We organize also apprenticeships for students of high schools and colleges.

We would like to invite to our company anyone who like a new challenges and work in young, dynamic team with a nice atmosphere among a kind and helpful people.

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